Porsche will release a new sports sedan Macan

February 28, 2015 at 4:03 pm

Lineup of Porsche added a new sports sedan, compact Panamera.
Cayenne has got a “little brother”, and soon he can appear and Panamera. The German automaker is going to fill up its line of new sports sedan that would compete with Maserati Ghibli. This was told to the British Autocar CEO Matthias Muller.

Porsche Panamera picture

Porsche Panamera pics

“To tell the truth, the release of a smaller car Panamera – is just one of many of our ideas. But in any case, the decision will not be easy, because Porsche has just made a big step, moving Macan on the market. It is not only in the development of the car itself, but also to increase production capacity, including body and paint shop. It was a great effort for the whole company. Wait and you’ll see for yourself. But every dollar that we have, we can spend only once. We can realize this idea, or some other. We have a lot of them, “- says Mueller.

Porsche Macan picture

Porsche Macan pics

Despite the fact that, according to the head of Porsche, Macan was worth a lot of effort, it is expected that they will return a hundredfold. According to forecasts, sales of new crossover will be about 50 thousand cars a year, which means that this year the German automaker, may sell up to 200,000 cars – a goal that he set only the 2015-th. The new sedan due to the greater availability than the Panamera, could also bring a lot of new customers Porsche.

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