Porsche is preparing a SUV 911 Safari

May 8, 2015 at 6:06 pm

It is expected that the new Porsche 911 Safari will be a prototype, which will demonstrate the capabilities of the company. The car is rumored to be built on the chassis of the all-wheel drive modified Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. The name Safari has been previously used for the name of the high-road sports cars. Almost 40 years ago, Porsche released the 911 SC Safari for the rally. Later, all-wheel drive car on the basis of coupe 911 raced in the marathon “Paris-Dakar”.

Porsche 911 Safari picture

Porsche 911 Safari pics

Sources say that the SUV will please fans of racing with its high ground clearance, rally tires and modified suspension. What will be the engine under the hood of the new Porsche; the Germans did not revealed yet. We remember that the base Porsche Carrera 4S is equipped with petrol 3.8-liter 400-strong unit, which accelerates the car up to a hundred in 4.3 seconds.

Porsche 911 Safari pics

Porsche 911 Safari image

Speaking about the concept, Western publications predict demand for a production car in China, Russia, Brazil and the Middle East. Previously, in 2016 another Porsche SUV did not appear on the line. Now scale models of the German brand present crossovers Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Macan.

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