Front-engine Porsche 928 is back!

March 8, 2015 at 6:00 pm

Front-engine Porsche 928 coupe returns, but so far it will come only in the form of a virtual concept.
Porsche has confirmed its intention to revive the legendary coupe 928, which will be built on a shortened platform of the model Panamera.
In the model range Porsche sports cars can be found for every taste – convertible, hard tops, coupes, crossovers, but recently the company seriously concerned about the lack of models with a body type grand touring coupe. The last car was a similar model 928 Discontinued in 1995, and now Porsche has plans to return to the 928 system.

Porsche 921 image

Porsche 921 pics

Front-engine Porsche 928 was supposed to be in the 70-80-ies replacement for classical 911, but Porsche fans made it clear that they prefer the engine behind them. This did not prevent Porsche 928 to win and own audience, which still craves heir. Designer Anthony Kolard designed virtual concept of a new generation of the 928, which is called the Porsche 921. Anthony writes that he sees his creation with an engine capacity of 400 horsepower under the hood.

Porsche 921 pics

Porsche 921 picture

Interestingly, the designer himself is a fan of the Porsche 928, so he took up the creation of gray-orange concept. One can only hope that the leadership of Porsche, which has already been sent to the project, will take the right decision and will undertake the development of front-engine coupe.

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