British have turned SUV Porsche Cayenne into the three-door coupe

May 18, 2015 at 3:06 pm

British tuning studio Merdad announced today its intention to submit to a specialized MPH show in London three-door coupe based on the SUV Porsche Cayenne. The car will be available in November.
In addition to the three-door, there is also a five-door version of the car. Both are built around the chassis and body of the second generation Cayenne, and can be supplied with 550-horsepower and 750-hp engine, while the most powerful version can accelerate to 100 km / h in just 4.4 seconds. Full specifications cars will be announced during the show itself.

Porsche Cayenne 902 Coupe pics

Porsche Cayenne 902 Coupe image

The potential of young firm is no doubt – its founder is a man who has long collaborated with the famous Uwe Gemballoy. According to him, the work on a new project involving many British engineers whose experience allowed eventually to create a monstrous power of the monster.

Porsche Cayenne 902 Coupe picture

Porsche Cayenne 902 Coupe pics

Enjoy the unique design and the potential Merdad Cayenne 902 Coupe and the Merdad 5 audience, as always, will be able to in two different places. First, from 4 to 7 November MPH show will open its doors in London, well, 11-14 November, it will move to Birmingham.

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