The cheapest Porsche Macan has got an affordable engine

May 12, 2015 at 1:05 pm

Readers have every right to blame the editors of distorting the reality, because the word “Porsche” and “cheap” in the same sentence are rare. However, we do not go against the fact – Porsche Macan crossover is truly the most affordable car brand, and with the new four-cylinder engine will be even cheaper.

Porsche Macan picture

Porsche Macan pics

Porsche has announced a modification of the appearance of four-cylinder crossover Macan. The two-liter turbocharged gasoline engine will be the weakest in the range of powertrains and fourth Porsche engine for a compact crossover Macan. The two-liter turbo unit will give out 240 horsepower and its torque figure does not exceed the mark of 350 Nm.

Porsche Macan pics

Porsche Macan image

To distinguish the basic Macan from the more expensive is very simple – the basic modification of crossover is equipped with rectangular tailpipes of the exhaust system, and all the rest – tubes with a circular section. Starting 240-strong Macan sits on 18-inch alloy wheels, fitted with electric tailgate and dual-zone climate, trends seats trimmed in Alcantara. The surcharge offers large wheels, air suspension, cruise control, and a panoramic roof. Price is not, dealer sites are silent, but we assume that the intrigue is not accidental. Perhaps before us the first modern Porsche which costs less than 50 000 euros, who know?

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