Porsche DP 964 Classic S: retro or tuning?

March 9, 2015 at 11:58 pm

Severe guys working for a German company DP Motorsport: relentlessly upgraded “oldies” of the brand Porsche, regardless of age and past achievements – their profession.
But this work is called Porsche DP 964 Classic S is one of the most complete, comprehensive. Full-time 6-cylinder “vent” volume of 3.6 liters and a native of the 1980s was pumped from 250 to 330 horse powers by simply increasing the volume. Without resorting to fashionable means in the form of turbocharging, the engine in the old lavishing to 3.8 liters. In the way used hard racing Bilstein strut with adjustable clearance and forged wheels Fuchs.

Porsche DP 964 Classic S picture

Porsche DP 964 Classic S pics

They performed in “native” style, having the dimension of 17h7, “shod” in tires 205/50 ZR17 (front) and 255/50 (rear). In the cabin there were four-point safety belts, rocker INC, sunroof, air conditioning, under the hood – power steering, brakes with ABS…

Porsche DP 964 Classic S pics

Porsche DP 964 Classic S image

Actually, all this is very similar to the most cunning way to get in a quick and comfortable modern sports car at a very attractive price.

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