Porsche Macan showed unexpectedly poor result in the moose test

June 3, 2015 at 3:23 pm

Swedish edition Teknikens Värld, known for its “hard” test drive Porsche Macan has tested by the so-called ‘moose test’. The final result of the German crossover was surprisingly bad.
Recall that such a test forces the driver to make a dramatic evolution in order to avoid a clash with the “conventional” animal ran out into the road, after the completion of which is necessary just to go back sharply in their oncoming lane.

Moose test picture

Moose test pics

Just note that the Macan did not repeat the legendary and ugly “performance” of the Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2012, as a result of which the producer had revision suspension and eliminate the causes of instability. However, the compact crossover Porsche showed it not far better. After a sharp rebuilding car “drifted” away and return to the original path he could belatedly.
In turn, the company commented on the Porsche test and noted that the reason for this behavior on the road is the work of an active safety system ARP, which prevents overturning cars. It is included in the emergency brakes, and not longer than 300 milliseconds.

Porsche Macan picture

Porsche Macan pics

Also representative of Porsche Herman-Josef Stapp said that the intensity of the intervention ARP depends on driving style and driving speed. According to the manufacturer, the lateral shift in this case is not critical; because the danger of tipping over in this case has the highest priority in the first place it is necessary to compensate for it.

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